• [03/12/21]    The dataset is now openly available for download without registration!
  • [07/09/21]    A virtual SARAS-MESAD challenge event is scheduled for 27/09/2021 between 9:00-13:00 (UTC). Please register with the MICCAI 2021 conference to attend the event. The event will include talks from field experts and top teams.
  • [28/07/21]    SAARS-MESAD is supporting the German Cancer Research Center (DKFZ) in a survey on the analysis of challenges in Biomedical Image Analysis. A carefully filled survey will be rightfully rewarded. Please go to the link to complete the survey: Survey
  • [16/07/21]    The challenge is now open for the evaluation phase. We have fixed a minor bug in the evaluation script. Some additional metrics are added to the Leaderboard to provide more insight into the results. Please resubmit your results if you submitted any earlier.
  • [15/07/21]    Test set for the evaluation phase is now available in Downloads.
  • [1/07/21]       Result submission instructions and evaluation metric has been updated on the website.
  • [10/05/21]    The dataset has been updated with minor corrections in the training and validation set. Please re-download both datasets (MESAD-Real and MESAD-Phantom) from Download page.
  • [27/04/21]    Training and Validation dataset released.
  • The SARAS-MESAD is now open for registration!