Participation policy

  • The validation dataset should not be used in any form during the training stage. Any submission violating this rule will be disqualified.
  • Only publicly available data is allowed to be used for pretraining of the developed models. No private data should be used in any way for the challenge purpose.
  • Each individual or collaborating team agrees to create one single account for participating in this challenge.
  • The evaluation phase of the challenge will be open for a 15 day window.
  • Each participating individual or team is allowed to make one submission per day during the evaluation phase of the challenge.
  • Participating teams are not allowed to share the challenge data.
  • Only fully-automatic algorithms are allowed.
  • Representatives of the top participant teams will be invited to speak on the day of the challenge and allocated a 30 minute slot each.
  • If any team is found to violate any of the participation or publication rules, that team can be disqualified and taken off the leaderboard.

Publication policy

  • The authors of the top submissions (up to three per team) will also be invited as co-authors of a challenge paper summarising the results.
  • To be a co-author, the participating team needs to submit a report on the winning submission along with a presentation on the day of the event.
  • Authors from other methods can be made co-authors as well, based on the novelty to their methods.
  • The organisers reserve the right to decide/change the number of co-authors from each method. Count and ordering of the authors will be decided by the challenge organizers.
  • The decision on the names of the co-authors from the participant methods, instead, is left to the individual participating teams.
  • Participating teams are allowed to publish the methods that they develop using the data provided in this challenge, provided that they properly cite this challenge and the dataset. This is allowed to happen after an embargo time (TBD), necessary for the organizers to publish a challenge paper.